Everyone I see has a story,Whether big ones or small;Some are lost in the way of life,And some enjoy with us all. So I met a person, who is the latter,While I live being the former;A person who enjoys helping,And one who speaks up for the right. I would rather stay away from this,People are … Continue reading Change

Hesitant steps.

It's distributed in levels,The love I have for you;Hesitant to take every step,Is the next one already due? What if I take the next step,But all there is just darkness;Will you be the light to guide me,Or leave me longing for some brightness? I really want to climb further,If you would allow me to;Else there … Continue reading Hesitant steps.


Whether it’s our parents, or the friends,We hardly show gratitude for what they do;And yet everytime a stranger helps us,We smile at them and say ‘Thank you’? Perhaps even I am such a person,And maybe, even you are too;What we could do is support each other,Living alone can only be done by few. Then again, … Continue reading Thoughts.

Haphazard Life

In this haphazard life, we lost,We lost the way that we once saw;Why was everything clear earlier,Who made us forget what once was raw. We leaned on each other,Without much battling an eye;But have our egos grown this much,That truth is less spoken than a lie. Where then, did we lose our way,Going through this … Continue reading Haphazard Life


It’s a long fight, this virus,Attacking regardless of race;Doctors swarming around,Saving some, keeping the pace. So let’s put their hearts at ease,Cheering them on each success;There might be failures of course,Doesn’t mean they put efforts less. Clapping in the background,And sharing respectful videos;Are good and appreciative,But the priority is no-shows. Don’t show up for that … Continue reading Doctors.


I remember when you were here,Never taking my eyes off you;The striking appearance of that smile,Made me love every subtle wrinkle. I remember when you were here,Both of us would manage the chores;Some of the food that you made,So bad, yet I miss it now even more. I remember when you were here,Talking about the … Continue reading Forever.


Quote by Saul Alinsky

Have you ever seen?

Have you seen a person who is saved,Rescued and given a chance to live;Look at the expression in their eyes,That’s one time that humans don’t lie. Have you seen a person who is in love,Pursuing the other without a question;They seem to be blinded by the light,Yet for them, it’s the best moments in life. … Continue reading Have you ever seen?

This girl… 🤔

The valentines take.