A little of something

The heart grumbled, “You ask me to show results. But how? How do I do that when I don’t know what I am supposed to do. And what I am doing right now is just following what you tell me. So how can I show you results.”

Brain: Stop with that nonsense. If you don’t like it that much, why don’t you go live somewhere else. You do know who provides you food, shelter, medicines, clothing and so much more.

Heart: I am sorry. I won’t speak like that again. I will try harder.

Brain: That’s better. Now go do some work. And fuel me with some of that blood.

Alas, What did the heart forget here? It forgot that just like it depended on the Brain to consume the right nutrients, the Brain needed the Heart to pump him with blood. The relationship was mutual, not one sided.

The Moral you think? It simply means that we often lose sight of what is important to us in our pursuit to make others happy. We think that we need to do better so that people can appreciate us, and we forget what we have already been doing for those people. So if you have time, close your eyes once and think. Think what you what, and what you are already contributing to the society, whether the path you are taking right now is happiness for yourself or is it to make others appreciate you. Both of them sound selfish reasons, so then what’s the point of trying to do the latter rather than the first.

If you are happy, so is your aura. If your aura is happy, so are the people around you. Live to help the people, not to make them appreciate you.

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