Do you think this world is a sham? Every being has just accepted it, their is birth, their is life, obstacles, love, hatred, success, and eventually death. Whoever you maybe, wherever you maybe, It doesn’t matter. Everyone follows the same cycle. Some would criticize that this is too narrow a view of the world, a bit too sadistic. I won’t argue with that, they might be correct. But truthfully, no matter how much you mourn, or how much you enjoy, it doesn’t change things, not until you try. And one day after you are tired of everything, it will be lost.

Well then the question that arises is, what is life? And what are we here for?

No one knows the answer to that, now do they. All it is that you need to feel life. The way you feel it is your own decision. Whether you choose to feel it by moping, or by earning money, or by being a criminal, or maybe being a self-righteous person and helping others. Everyone has different rules and different views, and but they all do one thing mainly. They all let the person feel the life they are living.

But if everyone started to follow their own instincts and feelings, then won’t the world end up in a chaos? It will. Far worse that it is already in. Then what is the right thing to do? And who determines which is the wrong one?

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