Some Tech Wearables

This is one of the best list I have found so far for Wearable Tech gadgets: Best Wearable Tech

I am hoping to get a Fitbit soon, while I already use an iWatch regularly.

iWatch is great to have especially for Phone messages, emails, clock, stopwatch, alarms, maps. You get almost all the app reminders on your iWatch that you might have missed if it was just on your iPhone. It is waterproof to about 50 meters of water immersed for 30 minutes (actually been tested to hold on for a longer duration though).

Clearly one of the best Apple products, though the downside is that it is not too great for tracking health activity. For that Fitbit or Jawbone might be better. Athletes might still prefer to go for other wrist wearables like Fitbit Flex 2 and Charge 2, or Jawbone U3, because of the lighter weight and more accurate health stats. Apple has been able to seel most of the watches because of its brand image and as a small computer display rather than as a fitness device.

But considering everything, Apple has just started its work on wearable tech and I am curious to see what the future holds for this company, and also for the others as well!

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