Apple’s OLED iPhone in 2017?

Apple is expected to realease at least one iPhone with OLED display next year alongside other typical LCD models. It is expected that out of the models released in 2017, the OLED model will be the most popular.

The main reasons for the OLED model to be the best are its looks, a more responsive phone and better image quality!

The OLED iPhone is expected to have a glass back with display curves into both sides of the device. Consider the iPhone 7’s, 6s’ and 6’s have been getting the same exterior designs, it will be a massive change, and a change the Apple fans will be looking forward to.

A more responsive experience means that OLEDs will have much better pixel response times than LCDs. A display’s pixel response time (in milliseconds) is how quickly it can change its pixels from black to white or gray to gray. The response time difference between an OLED and a LCD is in the ratio of 1:5, that is the OLED display takes (1/5)th of the time taken by a LCD.

Apple mobile LCDs deliver the best image quality currently, but in comparison with an OLED it isn’t the best. With much better black levels in OLED, an LCD beating an OLED in image quality is impossible. Read the whole article here.

Please pray for the Indonesian earthquake victims!

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