A short!

He looked up at the sky. Was this for real? When did his world get turned like that? He couldn’t recall what had started this change in him. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Vivid images of Diane came pouring in his mind. In one she was cooking pasta in the kitchen, in another she was giving a presentation in front of the Marketing team about the next steps of Social Media marketing, and in another one she was lying on the bed with him. He chucked on the thought of remembering the Social Media marketing presentation so well, and why at this moment. He tried to remember the first time he saw Diane, Was it Two years ago at a wedding. She was one of the guests at his friends wedding. His friend, Ramlal had introduced her, and then cunningly pushed his foot from behind. He remembered how he had splattered all the apple juice (And he was trying to show that he was drinking beer) on her. And yet, the strangest thing happened. Diane wasn’t angry, she just felt bad that her dress was ruined. Ramlal had asked Diane to go to the washroom while he asked me strictly to go buy a new dress for her immediately. Diane, on hearing this, started laughing. She said, “It was okay. And by the way, you were drinking apple juice? That makes two of us.” He blushed. All he could manage was a faint smile and say,” I am so sorry. Tha…That is great that we both were apple juices. I mean drinking apple juice. I am sorry about the dress. Ramu is right, I will go buy a new dress immediately.” He turned away and kept walking, half blushing and half ashamed. Diane was amused at this. She faced Ramlal and said,” Ramu?! I didn’t know about that name. It is good, suits you. Ramu kaka. I will go get this juice of the dress. And your friend is a bit strange, there was no need for him to go buy a new dress for me. I am sorry if I said something wrong to make him go away.” Ramlal showed Diane the way to the washroom, and then whispered to himself, “You shouldn’t be sorry. I haven’t ever seen him make a face like that. He was blushing. Man, I should have taken a picture!”

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