Polar sea Ice record low this year!

The sea ice is at record lows this time of the year, both in the Arctic and Antarctic. Scientists believe that the shrinking ice at both ends of the planet is due to the global greenhouse gases, the El Niño weather that released the heat from the Pacific Ocean and other natural incidents. Scientists say that Worldwide, this year is the warmest on record.

It was noted that the extent of Polar Sea Ice on Dec 4th was 3.84 million square kilometres less than the 1981-2010 average.  This difference is almost the size of India!

John Turner of British Antarctic Survey, said that the recovery of Ozone layer over Antarctica may also be a phenomenon in this.

Due to the recent increase in floods, heat waves and rising sea levels, almost 200 governments pledged last year to phase out fossil fuels this century. President-elect Donald Trump has called global warming a man-made hoax, but has recently said that he is keeping an open mind regarding the issue.

Read the full article here!

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