The Syrian rebels ask for ceasefire

In the recent events, the pressure of the Syrian army has forced the rebels to ask for a ceasefire in the city of Aleppo, Syria’s most populous city before the war. However, Syria and Russia, supporting Syria in this war, said that they won’t hold a ceasefire unless all the rebels leave Aleppo.

The ceasefire is supposed to be able to let the civilians and the wounded evacuate from the city, however there was no mention about the thousands of rebel soldier leaving the city. The Syrian army, along with the allied forces have made rapid and important gains over the rebels, especially in the last two week period, and rebels have been put under pressure. Residents told that the war is overwhelming where no one can rest for even a mere five minutes. If anyone is seen on the street, that street is soon shelled by the army. Normal civilians are struggling for food and water supplies.

The war in Syria has already killed hundreds of housands of people and has made even more number of people homeless. The refugee crisis in Syria has been the biggest yet in the world. Russia and the USA discussed on the cessation of hostilities in Aleppo, so as to make way for humanitarian aid in the region.

Wish the war ends swiftly with the least number of victims possible. Read the full article here!

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