The battle of Gargadia Part 1

I can’t think of anything. After what I just saw, will anyone be able to think of anything. Just what was that, and why me? Why was I the one who had to see it? Diane gasped. She was having a hard time adjusting to her suit, and now that event had made her limbs go numb. She spoke, “Shake” in her soft voice, the helmet made the sound echo in her ears, and the suit began to shake. It was a good way to awaken your limbs, a feature that many of the flyers found useful during a long flight. But considering the speed of the suits, there was hardly any destination within the solar system that required a long flight.She commanded, “Stop” and the shaking stopped. The limbs were active again, she stretched her hands and legs as much as she could. She sighed. At last.

Diane was ready to go now. She touched both her ankles and the suit started to propel forward. This new model of the suit was much better than the previous one, in which you had to choose through several options from the tabloid on your wrist and press the fly option. This alone took at least 10 seconds.

Diane increased her speed to the maximum and commanded “Unlock sword.” The katana-like sword slid out from an opening in the right hand of her suit. She grabbed the hilt, and still at maximum speed flew onward to the Battle that had already taken away the most important part of her life.

She could see the battle from a distance now. With mixed emotions of anger, overwhelm, fear, nervousness and helplessness, she looked at the ongoing battle. It was still a minute away from her current location and yet the tears weren’t stopping.

The yellow hue, of suits and space ships getting exploded, could be seen from afar but it still gave goosebumps to anyone who would be watching it, realising that with every explosion a human or two was being killed. Diane crashed into the battle of Gargadia, ready to avenge the death of her beloved, Donald.

Being the Second commanding officer had its perks in itself. The suits were much faster and upgraded to the best technology but instead of the two fusion cores provided in the suits of the Commanding officer, these carried just one. This was because using two fusion cores required a great deal of power, and even a Second commanding officer wouldn’t be able to handle that much mental pressure.

Although in the presence of these normal enemy soldiers, Diane was at an advantage. The enemy general had returned to his quarters after killing the Commanding officer, Donald, right in front of Diane. In return, Diane was able to kill the Second in command of the enemy, but that wasn’t enough. It was the rule, once the Commanding officer of either army dies then it is the end of the battle. The battle was lost, no matter what Diane did. All she could do was let out all her frustration on the normal enemy soldiers, and kill as many as she could. That was what the battle had come to, that was what drove her to fight even after the loss, the thirst for revenge.

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