The time with no one around

He looked through the window while in the car. Having a chauffeur had its perks, especially that he didn’t had to focus on the road and can think about anything. He looked outside the window, saw the passing trees shaking slowly in the wind, the other people in bikes and cars making their way back home, wearing a mask of comfort. His eyes stopped on the sun. It was almost the time for sunset, and the sun in its round pink-orange form was spreading the pinkish hue. Something in this scene made him feel lonely. The sun with the pink hue. Why did it feel so lonely.Suddenly all the people outside seemed to fade away. He closed his eyes, then opened it after a second. He still had the feeling of loneliness and he wasn’t seeing any people outside. He repeated the process five times, then took a deep breath and looked outside.

It was still the same. He was overwhelmed and nervous. What in the world was happening with him. He looked towards the chauffeur. At least the chauffeur was still there. Hayden, that was the name. He asked the Hayden to park the car at a side as he was feeling suffocated and lightheaded. The chauffeur didn’t move a muscle and just kept on driving as if nothing had happened, not a word heard, not an eyelid blinked.

This time he shouted the same words but the chauffeur didn’t respond again. He was terrified now. What is going on, why isn’t he responding. He is acting like I don’t even exist here. He moved to the side of the seat behind the chauffeur, reached over to the front door handle and pressed the button to unlock all the doors. Okay, what he had thought, he had been able to accomplish. Well partially. But now what. Should he actually do what he had thought in the first place. He gulped.

He could see that the car was moving at around 80 kmph and if he did jump then he might get badly injured. He closed the chain of his fluffy down jacket, took both the pillows near the back window of the car, unzipped them and put a hand in each. I am ready, Yes.

He pulled the door handle with his teeth and closed his eyes. The wind gushed at his face. Scared, he opened his eyes to take a look, and was astonished. He couldn’t see the road. All he could watch were the car tyres driving on a light blue ground with blurry white spots on it. Where was he, what in the world was happening.

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