FBI, CIA differ on Russian involvement

Lawmakers held a classified letter written by their colleagues in Senate that assessed Russia’s role in the 2016 Presidential election. The meeting took place in a secure meeting room under the Capitol.

A senior FBI counterintelligence official was seated, who told that the FBI and CIA weren’t on the same page regarding Russia’s involvement. There has not been any evidence that Russia had deliberately interfered with the US Presidential elections so as to elect Republican candidate Mr. Trump as the next US President. For Democrats in the room, the answer was frustrating and shocking.

The clamor from Democrats and some Republicans for a more fulsome accounting prompted the White House on Friday to announce that President Barack Obama had ordered a full review of Russian cyber actions during the 2016 campaign. The president wants the report to be completed before he leaves office next month. Officials said Obama intends to declassify as much of the report as possible. This was the only way to lay the truth in front of the American people and the lawmakers.

Russia regularly tries to influence European politics and elections, “and I don’t want this to be the case here,” Senator Angus King said. Read the full article here!

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