Brexit rift among Britons remains wide

Many of the British citizens are still divided between leave the European Union or either to stay. Many Britons have had to wrestle with unsettling realities of what BREXIT actually means. The initial vote for the Brexit split the Britons vote into 52% and 48%, which led Britain to leave the EU.

The Liberal democrats want a second referendum on the final terms of the exit deal. If the exit negotiations become complicated, then the 2020 general election could be effectively run as a second referendum.

Under the pressure of her Conservative party and EU leaders, PM Theresa May of UK has promised to begin talks about the exit beginning March. However, the cabinet itself is divided on the question of staying in the single market or not. Remainers say that quitting the biggest trade bloc of the world will destroy British jobs, while the Brexit supporters say that Britain can easily forge new deals with the world.

Read the full article here!

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