The time after work

“What are you doing?”, She asked suddenly. He was frightened for a second and then sighed. He had been sitting alone on the deserted canoe in the beach. Probably gazing at the stars in the night. She came and sat down besides him.”I know you would come”, he replied softly, “Such a pain in the ass you are.”

She smiled and elbowed him. He laughed and then turned his gaze towards her. He could look her eyes, they were smiling. How long had it been since I have seen her like that. After all that family drama and loss, there had been just a single opportunity for success.

He had put in all the effort and faith in that one minute chance and the rewards were his to take after five years of rigorous work. Every day, he was close to giving up but he didn’t, because of the fruits the opportunity could bear and the chance to make her happy and comfortable.

He remembered all that work at that moment and tears rolled down his eyes. He was so used to being lonely because of the work that it came naturally to him. Now that he had achieved the goal and could relax for a while, he pondered at the sky thinking what could he do now. He had forgotten what he had been working for till now, and only success laid roots on his mind. But as soon as he saw her smiling face, he remembered. What was he working for after all.

It was that smile, and he had a little time now. He wanted to look at that smile as long as he could and spend as much time with her as possible.

She stopped laughing and tickled him between his eyes.

He made a sound and rubbed his forehead. “That hurt”, he said, “Why did you do that.”

“Just because I felt like it”, She said.

“Oh, stupid”, He replied.

They both stopped laughing and gazed at the stars for a while. They could see the bright moon in the night sky now, it felt like a pearl in the vast ocean.

She asked “Can I hold your hand?”

He didn’t answer. He just moved his left hand more towards his left, towards her.

She reached out to his hand and kept hers on top of it.

Now clasping each other’s hands, they looked towards the moon.

Silence felt for a minute. Or was it two?

He said, “Thank you”.

“For what?”

“For being there.”

“So sentimental.”

“Shush. Don’t ruin the moment.”

“I am not. I have been dying to hear that.”

“Can I kiss you?”

“Do you have to ask? Such a novice. Is this your first kiss?”

“Well… you see…”

“So I am really that important haa.”

“Yes you are.”

He bent forward and kissed her in the mouth. It was a short kiss, maybe a little more than two seconds long. He blushed.

She was confused.

This time she pulled him closer and forced herself upon her. The kiss lasted for a minute atleast. After they were done he pulled out and gasped for breath.

“What was that!”

“That is called a kiss.”

“Sorry I am new to this.”

“No kidding, well at least I am a pro.”


“It was just a joke.”

He laughed. He hold her hands again and lied down on the canoe. She lay besides him.

The owl hooted somewhere. And the night slipped by.

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