South African Sardine Run wins NG Nature Photographer 2016!

From thousands of entries, an underwater photo of Sardine predation off the wild coast of South Africa was selected for the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer title.

The photo was captured by Greg Lecoeur of Nice, France. He took the photo in June 2015 after waiting weeks to witness the natural predation of Sardines. During this time, millions of sardines get preyed upon by sharks, whales, dolphins, marine birds, penguins and sea lions. Although in recent years, due to overfishing and climate change, the annual sardine run has been becoming more unpredictable.

Here is the Image:

Another image that I loved was the one titled “Struggle of Life”. It won the 1st place in Landscape category. This is a natural stream restoration project of a nature organization in the Netherlands. Jacob Kaptein, the photographer, said, “The first time I entered this patch of forest, I immediately saw this little beech. I came back several times to photograph it.”

Here is a look at his perfect picture:

Read the full article here.

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