A temporary ending!?

There will always be problems. If not these then other ones. But we need to adjust. We needed to adjust. He said to himself as he saw her go back to her car. He was standing outside the court where they had just filed for a divorce. At least look at me once, just once.But she didn’t. She started the engine of her white Mercedes C-class, a car that he had gifted her on her birthday. She didn’t look at him, and just drove off.

He stood there looking at the car drive by. Even when the car had made a turn and was out of sight, he kept looking at the intersection where the car had turned. Perhaps his mind was wishing for her to be back anytime. Or perhaps it didn’t know what to do now.

He kept on staring for another five minutes until someone informed him that his phone was ringing. He shook his head and was finally able to force himself back to reality. He could now hear his phone ringing. He thanked the person and picked up the call.

It was from Niyati, his best friend since college. Only she knew about the divorce, as he hadn’t been able to find the strength to even tell his parents.

As soon as he heard her voice, tears poured down his eyes like water forming a narrow stream. He had been holding them back since he had stepped in the court room, trying to look composed and strong. But now, when there was no one here, at least she wasn’t here, he started crying.

Niyati could hear him sobbing and said, “It will be okay. It was your fault, and I told you in the starting itself that this might happen. If you really love her then you will have to endure this, and keep on fighting for her. And not take any stupid actions.”

He was silent.

“I won’t give you pity because you don’t deserve any. If you loved her so much why did you cheat? Did you really think that this will make her happy? Or maybe jealous? Would she have started loving you more? I don’t think I have seen anyone love you more, and it was the same with you too! What happened then, what changed your love for her?”

“It was all my fault. It was all my fault!”, he repeated.

“You are too naive in these matters and I don’t know how you two were able to fall in love and get married. So I don’t think you would have tried to search for another girl to get in bed with. It was probably one of your friends or employees. You would have thought that you were looking cool all this time in front of them but in reality it was the opposite. And yet you kept on moving forward, deeper and deeper towards the wrong destination.”

“I am sorry. I am so sorry. I won’t do it again. Please help me. Please”, he pleaded.

“First of all stop acting lame.”

“okay, sorry”

“And just stop with the sorry. The more you say it, the lesser meaning it has.”

He remained silent. His tears had stopped now but his expression was unchanged, still pitiful and painful.

“Go home for now and get some rest. I will think about something. If you really love her then you will be able to get her back. I have no doubt that she still loves you. Love doesn’t fade away like that. Just get some rest and we will talk again tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Take care, it’s not over yet.”

“I will”

And the line went dead. He looked above, The darkness was setting in after the sunset. Niyati was right, he needed some rest.

He closed his eyes, his face still facing upwards. There was a slight breeze. It hit him on his cheeks then his face, he breathed in deeply, and then let out a deep breath. Somewhere deep down a voice responded, “It’s not the end.”

He opened his eyes and started walking towards his car, a metallic-red coloured Ferrari Spyder 458. He still remembered the first time he drove the car, it was with her when he took a test drive just before his birthday. He had been wanting to buy a sports car and this was what had attracted his attention. She liked the car too. Knowing that their individual salaries were not enough to buy the car, he was a bit disappointed and returned home dejected. But then she had surprised him the next day, and gifted the car to him on his birthday. She had spent all her savings she had to book it.

He remembered how he had cried after seeing the car, and just before taking the key from her he had kissed her. A kiss that lasted almost a whole two minutes. That was probably the best kiss initiated by him. He was thrilled. Then he had asked her to drive with him, as that would make the ride even more amazing.

Now remembering this he felt sad, but happy at the same time. Sad that she wasn’t here and happy that he had at least one thing that was a gift from her. He would care for it till the end of the world.

He started the car, the engine revved up. And started driving towards home.

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