A flight without loneliness

Now what? He wondered as he took his seat in the aircraft. This was his first time in the airplane.His friend looked at him and smiled, “Don’t get scared now. You promised for the trip, remember? You can’t back out now.”

“I am not scared. Just shut up. Be silent. At least till the aircraft starts driving.”

“Aircraft? Driving? Are you okay?”

“I mean just let the airplane fly. Damn it.”

“You are so hopeless. Is this your first time in an ‘aircraft’?”

“This is my first time in an airplane. So what? I am sure many people sitting here would be feeling the same way. Anxiety. It’s everywhere in the plane.”

“I doubt they will be terrified enough to change ‘flight’ to ‘driving’.”

“That was just a slip of tongue.”

Sure. Anyway, here…”

She leaned towards him and pulled out a pouch from her right jeans pocket. She unzipped the sky-blue colored pouch and took out a pair of earbuds. Then she took out a small candy wrapped in a… sky blue plastic.

Is that just a coincidence or…? He thought.

“It’s just coincidence. I am not insane”, She replied as if reading his mind.

He let out a forced smile and asked “What is that pouch?”

“It is just something I used a lot during my initial trips in a flight. You can call it a Novice air passenger’s kit.”

A novice air passenger’s kit?

“Well it has all the things you need if you haven’t travelled in an airplane much. Fortunately for you, I had kept it since I wasn’t sure if you would need it. But seems like you do need it.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Shut up and take it. Even though it’s just a two hour flight, you might feel a headache and earache.”

Just a two hour flight? What does that even mean? Two hour sitting at the same seat in an airplane. In an airplane! He was about to say this out loud but he thought against it. She will again irritate me with how unbelievable my-first-time-in-airplane sounded like.

“So now take it. Where are you lost!

She had already zipped the ouch and kept it in her pocket. He took the things from her hand, put the ear buds and kept the candy in his mouth. It was a rich mango flavor. He chewed the candy and ate it within a minute.

“The candy was good”, he said, “Thanks.”


“What happened?”

“The candy was to be kept in the mouth till it had completely dissolved. It wasn’t supposed to be chewed on.”

“Well I didn’t know that.

“Oh lord”

She put the hands in her pocket again, pulled the pouch out, and pulled another candy out. But this time also it was wrapped in a sky-blue plastic. She eyed him as if telling, it was a coincidence.

“Well…”, he didn’t know what to say. Or exactly how to say what he wanted to.

“Say a word regarding this and I will hit you.”

Okay okay

Take this, and just let it be in your mouth then. And don’t speak.”

“Yes madame.”

He tore the wrapper and out came the same mango flavored candy. He wouldn’t chew it this time. No. He shouldn’t chew on this. Just keep it in the mouth and all is well.

The airline crew announced that the airplane was ready for take off.

He widened his eyes and then turned to look at her. She had her eyes closed shut and was holding both arm-rests tightly. He smiled looking at her and mumbled Stupid.

He closed his own eyes and kept one hand on the arm-rest, and the other one on top of her hand.

She smiled. It was a two hour journey ahead but a month of vacation.

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