Ageing, reversible?

Scientists are trying to get the biological time to run backward. Although this isn’t possible yet, the first step has been taken in the process. The method can slow down the process of ageing rather than reverse ageing.

In the first attempt to reverse ageing by reprogramming the genome, scientists have rejuvenated the organs of mice and lengthened their life spans by 30 percent. This technique that requires genetic engineering, cannot be applied directly to people. Although this achievement in mice proves that reverse ageing might also be possible in humans by some other method.

The ageing process is clock-like in the sense that steady accumulation of changes eventually degrades the efficiency of the body’s cells. However, the biological hand clock is set back to Zero at conception. Ten years ago, the Japanese biologist Shinya Yamanaka amazed researchers by identifying four critical genes that reset the clock of the fertilized egg. Scientists are taking these genes into account to alter the genes. Read the full article here.

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