Jordan kills four terrorists.

Four terrorists were hiding in a castle in the Southern city of Karak, Jordan after having killed nine people , four civilians and five police officers, during a shoot-out. The terrorists were mentioned to have automatic weapons, large quantities of explosives, weapons and suicide belts earlier, which the police seized in a hideout. However, there was no mention of the terrorists identity or which terror organization they belonged. They could have been ISIS fighters or tribal outlaws with a vengeance.

Government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said, “When we are in a region engulfed with fire from every side you expect that such events happen.” referring to the neighboring countries.

After several hours of gunfire exchange between the gunmen and security forces, the Jordanian security forces were able to kill the four terrorists.

The castle is one of the Jordan’s most popular tourist attractions. Footage shows security forces taking groups of young Asian tourists up the Castle’s steep steps to its main entrance. Read the full article here!

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