Russian Military plane crash, no deaths

A russian military plane crash landed on Monday while approaching an Arctic airport, about 30 miles from the town of Tiksi in the Sakha-Yakutia region on the Laptev Sea. The plane occupants, 39 in total, had 32 passengers and 7 crew members, were injured during the incident but no one had died. 32 were said to be hospitalized, including 16 who were in grave condition. A II-76 aircraft equipped with life-support had been sent to Tiksi to bring the injured to the main military hospitals in Moscow for treatment.

The plane had landed in the tundra and broken up, but didn’t catch fire.

The Russian defence ministry said that the plane was a II-18 turboprop, a four-engine passenger plane designed in the 1950s. They are old but some are still in service with the Russian military for transportation. Although the plane’s data recorders were recovered, the cause of the crash couldn’t be concluded. It might be the local strong winds at fault or faulty equipment in the aircraft. Read the full article here.

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