Truck rams crowd in Berlin Christmas Market!

A massive black truck with Polish license plates ran into a Christmas market filled with revelers in west Berlin on Monday, killing 12 people and injuring 48. The even turned the holiday season in Germany into a national tragedy.

The incident was described by the White House as a ‘terrorist attack‘. It seemed very similar to the French truck assault of Nice in July that had killed 86 people and was claimed by the Islamic State.

The German officials were questioning a male suspect who was arrested several hundred yards from the site and matched a description of the truck driver. The suspect is believed to be a Pakistani national who arrived in February as an asylum seeker. If this suspect is confirmed as the culprit, then the heated debate over opening the door to nearly a million migrants fleeing from the war in Middle East, will seem to rise again and Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to provide assurance to the German people that no such incidents like this will happen in the future.

After the incident, the scene remained a horrific tableau of crushed wood, broken glass and blood. Lying near the truck was a fallen Christmas tree, its star toppled. Read the full article here.

Kindly pray for the victims and wish for them to recover soon!

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