29 dead and much more injured in Mexico fireworks market

A massive explosion in the Mexico City suburb of Tultepec fireworks market on Tuesday, probably caused due to mishandling of gunpowder or other fireworks components, killed at least 29 people and injured more than 70. The explosion set off a series of multi-colored blasts sending a vast cloud of smoke billowing over the capital city. The multiple explosions started at 2:50 PM and looked festive, alight in blue, red and white.

People were out in the fireworks market to buy traditional end-of-year festivities for Christmas and New Year’s parties when the blasts happened.

The fire and blasts were so unstable that the fire crews struggled for three hours before bringing the blaze under control. The crews had to wait for all the fireworks to finish exploding before they could extinguish the flames. Till the end, the entire market was gone. Homes and vehicles nearby were also damaged and officials were looking for survivors under the charred and twisted roofs. Read the full article here.

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