A lesson to remember

He thinks about it. He closes his eyes but it looks like a place completely covered in spider webs, Like he had been shrunk down and put inside a cotton ball. What was he thinking? Where did that thought go? It was just here, and I am sure it was what I was thinking about but now it is so cloudy.

He opens his eyes, and looks up at the sky. The sky is pale blue with little remnants of clouds here and there. They seemed to be drifting apart, due to the wind. Yeah, everything seems to be drifting apart these days. What was it? I have been trying my hardest, and yet it doesn’t seem enough. Am I trying too hard or am I just wishing for extraordinary results with only a small amount of work? I need to decided what I want to dive into, which field I want to pursue. But everything seems so complicated.

I want to pursue Modeling/Acting but I wonder if I ever will be able to reach that height and popularity. I want to become a writer but I doubt I will be able to put my mind and write a creative novel. I want to read books but I doubt if I will be able to read the millions of books outside. I want to be the best runner but I doubt if I will be able to have enough strength to keep increasing my speed and stamina. I want to be a great blogger but I doubt if people will like what I blog. I want to be a great Businessman but I doubt if it will be possible for me to control many people and manage different products. I want to be so many things but sometimes I doubt the ability I have.

But the least he can do is to keep on going. And though he wants to be so many things, he needs to remember that the more number of fields he dives into, the lesser efforts he can put in every field. SO he needs to choose wisely and think, which are the field(s) that strike a chord in his heart. Which are the field(s) that he won’t stop at, no matter what.

Just thinking about it won’t change anything, the main thing is to come up with a plan. And Choose. If you select a few, you can be the best in them. But you can’t be the best in everything you do, you need to remember that. People devote whole life in pursuit of a single endeavor, so don’t think you need to be best in the fields of your choice. But try to do your best, that’s what everyone does. And never hesitate to ask for help from someone, normal people will gladly help you because we all are born with a desire to talk to others and sort things out. And most of all, don’t forget to enjoy, because you might not get this kind of life again.


Yours truly

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