Too precious to let go.

He had been looking up towards his brother’s face. He knew that he was heavy and his brother, Roah was on the skinny side.

Roah wouldn’t be able to hold me up for long. And yet, if the Police do arrive, is it any good? They will just arrest me. Even the court has conducted me as a criminal. Whom am I supposed to turn to? I didn’t kill anyone! Why wouldn’t anyone listen! He felt helpless.

Roah shouted from above, “Don’t give up brother. We will sort this out for sure. I have faith in you.”

Those last words made him cry. He was just two or three feet from Roah’s face which let Roah clearly see his tears.

Similarly, I suppose, Roah could easily sense my frustration. He has faith in me. But what have I ever done for him? In fact, I have just made the situation worse for him by getting him involved in this situation. And now his face looks like a sad-red pulp, just trying to stop me from falling from this bridge. What am I supposed to do?

Roah was clenching his teeth. Trying really hard to grab onto his brother and pull him up, but with the strength he had, he could just manage to stop his brother from falling.

They had been like this for another two minutes, not knowing what to do. And due to the heat and sweat, it seemed that Roah was unable to grab his brother’s hand as tightly as before.

Roah was really afraid, so afraid that his legs felt weak. But he didn’t let go. No. How could he let go, Never. His brother had been his favorite in the family since such a long time, he can’t let go of his treasure.

Roah is trying so hard. What do I say to him. What do I tell him. I don’t want to see this anymore. In sometime, the Police might come and then they will pull me up. But then I will be arrested and Roah might be questioned too. Worse, he might be thrown in the jail alongside me. I can’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen. I should talk to Roah.

He shouted, “Roah. You have been such an incredible brother. I wouldn’t have wished for anyone better. I apologize for anything wrong I did to you. Which honestly I can’t think of. You were the one who irritated me all the time. Isn’t it?” He gave a faint smile after saying this.

Roah didn’t look amused. Rather he started weeping, his tears falling down on his brother’s hand. He replied, “Don’t say such things. Yes, I accept that I irritated you a lot. So don’t give up. Come up, Free yourself and then you can irritate me too. Please don’t go away brother.”

He smiled and said, “Are you mad? I am not going anywhere. I will always be by your side.” The sweat made him slip by a centimeter and both of them gasped. He continued, “I suppose it is pretty wet today. Haha. Please don’t be mad at me brother. But I don’t want you to be involved in this. I want you to go away from here before the Police arrives or they will start suspecting you too. Please leave me brother, my destiny is forsaken, you can still save yours. And as I said, I will always be their in your mind.

Another slip, Roah was holding him just by the fingertips now.

Roah cried, “Don’t do this. What is going on. Grab my arm. It is okay for me to be involved. I am already, aren’t I? So stop with all that.”

He didn’t respond. He just looked at his brother for a minute and then closed his eyes. As if he was expecting this, the fingers slipped. Was it due to sweat or he deliberately opened his palms to let go of Roah, no one knew.

He fell.

But there was no water he felt. Rather the fall stopped smoothly, like he was dropping on a pile of cushions. He opened his eyes and tried to understand what was it that had saved him.

A container filled with something white and fluffy? Is it cotton? Man, this is weird. Cotton saved me. I have sold cotton products about half of my life, and Cotton saves me. That’s what it was meant to be.

He had tears in his eyes again. He looked up and could still look at Roah’s face. He could sense a face filled with joy and excitement, a face so exhausted that it was leaning against the railing and yet was gleaming with happiness.

Roah. I wish we see each other again.

He blinked both of his eyes towards Roah.

Roah still leaning on the railing understood what he meant, and blinked his eyes too.

“So Long, brother“, he whispered.

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