Vaccine against Ebola virus!!

A trial led by the World Health Organization (WHO) found an experimental ebola vaccine that is deemed highly efficient against the virus. The trial was conducted in Guinea and involved 11,841 people during 2015.

The vaccine – rVSV-ZEBOV– is the FIRST to prevent infection from one of the most lethal known pathogens. The findings of the latest trial which were published recently in The Lancet show among the 5,837 people who received the vaccine, no Ebola cases were recorded 10 days or more after vaccination.

Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO’s Assistant Director-General for Health Systems and Innovation said that although these results come too late for those who lost tehir lives during West Africa’s ebola epidemic, they show that the outbreak can be stopped in any future places. The 2013-2016 West African Ebola outbreak, which resulted in more than 11,300 deaths, highlighted the need for a vaccine. Read the full article here.

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