Chile shaken by earthquake on Christmas day

A 7.6-magnitude earthquake hit southern Chile on Sunday, leading to thousands of people evacuating the coastal areas. The epicenter of the quake was just 39 km southwest of Quellon, off the coast, and was at a depth of about 34.6 km according to the U.S> Geological Survey. Fortunately, no casualties or major damage were reported.

Witnesses reported intense shaking in their homes and were shocked by the loud noise. People fled on foot, in cars and on horsebacks, all seeking for higher ground amid torrential rains as sirens buzzed the area for a potential Tsunami. However, the Chile National Emergency Office (ONEMI) lifted both the evacuation order and a tsunami watch three hours after the quake. ONEMI also mentiond that about 21,000 homes had been left without power.

People reported that there were at least a dozen of weaker aftershocks, damage was concentrated along a highway that runs across Chiloé Island, where traffic was shut in one direction and on smaller roads and bridges. Read the full article here.

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