Trump – UN is for people to ‘Have a Good Time’

Donald Trump tweeted that the United Nationsis just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time.” This comes three days after the UN passed the resolution on Israel to halt Jewish settlement activity on Palestinian territory. Such criticism shows that Trump is likely to challenge the international body as a President. The current President, Barack Obama, had instructed UN ambassador Samantha Power to abstain from voting, thus giving a clean passage for the resolution.

This is not the first time that the United Nations has been criticized by a world leader. Earlier, UN has been attacked for infringing on individual nations’ sovereignty as well as wasting resources, while many nations argue that most major decisions remain dominated by a handful of countries that were influential when the United Nations was established decades ago. (Which is in fact, true)

In August 2016, the office of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon formally acknowledged that Nepalese peacekeepers sent to Haiti six years ago contributed to a cholera outbreak there even as UN officials maintained they have legal immunity in connection to the epidemic. But still the UN continues to play a key role in helping deliver humanitarian assistance, brokering cease-fires during conflicts and serving as a forum for sprawling issues such as how best to address climate change. Read the full article here.

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