Don’t hesitate!

You see people everyday,

Some go up, some go down,

You see yourself every second,

Sometimes in anger, other times in joy.

Your thoughts vary from high to low,

Like wind changing direction in a single blow,

Just like the choices you make in life,

It can change you for wrong or right.

But don’t fear ever, my friend,

Because I will always be with you,

So you can make any choice you want,

And we will try to fulfill them too.

This time you made the wrong choice,

And you are scared to move forward,

I tell you Please don’t hesitate,

For I am as much in this as you.

Now now after a year you wake,

Finally realizing you should move,

Move forward for that is the wish,

A desire to do something better than brood.

Now that you look at me, we get together,

I can finally look in your eyes,

Read your thoughts in the mind,

And trust you, it’s time for us to shine.

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