This Is For You

Once I was sitting alone,

A dog passed by with a bone,

Even he had something to hone,

In a city, with blood that shone.


Life passed by slowly here,

As slow as it can get,

Time seeped the aged body,

With as much pain the mind can fret.


In the world full of tears,

There lay nothing but fears,

In the hearts of people, that bears,

A smog of evil which never clears.


But then a light shone,

As bright as the flash of phone,

Within the angel wings you came alone,

And filled the city with a new tone.


I saw your face as you stepped out,

My heart melted by your grace,

Your smile calmed the internal bout,

And set my heart in a rhythmic pace.


You walked with me on the sand,

And made me laugh like nothing was the matter,

You came forward and held my hand,

And winked at me, making all of my fear shatter.So I want to say Thank you,For that small amount of time,The time in my life with your hue,Without this, life had felt like a crime.Now you are gone out there,Trying to pursue your own dreams,I wish I see you again here,And fill everyday with your color scheme.

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