A tough choice

#Family #Mission #Assassin  #Fantasy

It was going to be a tough mission. He didn’t want his sister to come because it could be very risky but didn’t know how to stop her from coming.

The night came when they had to leave. They both dressed up in their suits, Sean in black and Sandy in green. Both of the suits covered every part of their body and just left the area of the eye open. There was a loop on both the sides of the trouser to hold a small sword and a sheath at the back to carry a katana. All the handles were black in color with a mark imprinted on it. It was a tradition in the family to imprint the same mark on the body and on the swords.

The time passed and now both were ready to leave, standing at the threshold of the house. Sean still didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know how to stop his sister as he didn’t know what to expect from the world he was going into.

He looked towards his sister, her face covered and only the eyes could be seen. Sean didn’t know if he will be able to come back or this would be his last mission, and he didn’t want the same for his sister.

A thought struck him. A disgusting one. But that might stop Sandy from coming along and from admiring him though it might also break her. He pulled his mask down, stretched forward and pulled Sandy’s mask down as well.

Sandy made an annoying expression and shrugged her shoulders asking what he was doing.

Sean knew he can’t possibly hit his sister however hard he tried, so instead he pushed forward and kissed her on the mouth. And then commented, “At least you will be of some use during this mission.”

Sandy was shocked. Tears rolled down her eyes automatically before her mind could infer what had happened. Those eyes that shone with pride and hope had suddenly lost color. She knelt down on the floor and looked up towards her brother, who now seemed like one of the ruthless monsters they encounter during normal missions.

Confused, she pulled out one of her short swords and tried to hit her brother with it. Sean was a level ahead of Sandy in training and almost every skill set, so it was easy for him to block the strike and counter it with a harder stroke. The wrist made a popping sound. Sean said, “What now? Getting over your head?”

The sword fell from Sandy’s hand as she saw the broken wrist lose control. It pained. She had been taught not to show any pain either in your eyes or voice, but now with her brother it felt worse. She cried and shouted.

Sean said,” Goodbye.”

He opened the door and shut it quietly as if not to let anyone know that he was leaving. His sister kept on staring at his face until the door had blocked the view.

Once outside, Sean looked up towards the stars and tears rolled down his cheeks. Just what was that. And why did he do that. He closed his eyes and let out a silent shout in the quietness of the night. After a minute, he opened his eyes and looked back towards the door. The light was still on and there was no movement. It was really a terrible thing to do. I know she won’t be able to forgive me, ever. It was to save her from this horrendous mission. Please go live sister. I am so sorry.

He climbed to the rooftop of the building in front and leapt forward from one building to another.

I know this short was a bit out of the normal, all comments appreciated! Would you like to hear what happened next?

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