A Valentine’s Day.

#poem #love #propose #smile #cry

If you want a poem, look,

I wrote this for you,

After seeing you, I was shook

I remembered the love that was due.

I saw you at the table yesterday,

It seemed like the best opportunity,

The words I wanted to speak everyday,

About my love for you till infinity.

I came forward and called your name,

Cleared my throats and lowered my gaze,

My mind was thinking I was insane,

As the words came out it felt like a daze.

You kept looking at me for a while,

Still nervous, kept looking in your eyes,

The world they held seemed deeper than a mile,

After hearing my words, they searched in me if it was all lies.

You stood up, said I am sorry,

But I already have a boyfriend,

You still smiled and said Thank you,

I am still honoured to be liked by a person like you.

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