Islamic State at a new all-time low.

#ISIS #VBEIDs #Iraq #Mosul #Children #Support #war

Children and disabled should be supported, helped, protected and treated with respect.

However, Islamic State jihadists are forcing children and disabled people into explosives-laden trucks (VBIEDs – Vehicle borne improvised explosive devices) and making them drive at Iraqi security forces in Mosul.

These disabled who might not be able to hear or walk, and children are being put in the VBEIDs, and chained to the seat. There mission is to kill as many security forces possible by blowing themselves up. However, more than half of such missions fail since their drivers veer off course and attempt to hide behind structures.

As its fighters are killed off and it loses ground, the IS group has developed new brutal ways to counter-strike, including by steering hobby drones fitted witih grenades and bombs at troops and civilians.

Read the full article here.

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