Better than Hubble: $8 billion Webb Space Telescope

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Let me just say, I am really excited on reading this. Yes, it might have taken quite a lot of time to design and make the Webb telescope, however it’s a big step towards space exploration. And it will start working from April 2019!

James Webb Space Telescope will be collecting the oldest light in the universe, emitted soon after the big bang, when the first stars lit up and the first galaxies began to form. It will study black holes lurking at the center of galaxies. It will scrutinize the light from planets around distant stars and look for atmospheres you’d expect to see on worlds rioting with life.

The telescope is expected to be blasted into space atop a European Ariane rocket in October 2018. The Webb Telescope is considered a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, and includes major contributions from the Canadian and European space agencies.

As a comparison, the Hubble has a 2.4 meter mirror, but the Webb has 18 hexagonal mirrors that make up 6.5 meters. Hence, Webb can collect almost seven times as much starlight!

Read the full article here.

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