Beijing outflanking US?

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US aircrafft carrier Carl Vinson has been patrolling the South China Sea since the last week. It is just the kind of display of Washington’s power and global reach that the US Navy excels at – both to reassure allies and, in this case, send a message to potential foes.

Military experts project that within a decade, China might have more warships than US because military buildup is part of the strategy to dominate many disputed territories in the Southern China Sea. The strategy includes new weapons systems, considerable conventional naval expansion but also a host of other tactics including building naval bases, floating power stations and artificial islands.

In 1995, when the Chinese fired several missiles and conducted military maneuvers around Taiwan, President Bill Clinton ordered two aircraft carriers to patrol the waters between Taiwan and China, a move that Beijing’s military could do little to stop without sparking a war it knew it would not win.

Read the full article here.

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