#Japanese #learninglanguage #dosomething #hobby

So this is what I was able to learn today. (It’s not much as a start, it is still something! 😀 )

English Word                Pronunciation                Japanese (Hiragana)

ko                                        “ko”                                    こ

n                                           “mm”                                ん

ni                                          “ni/nee”                           に

chi                                        “chi”                                  ち

ha; wa                                  “ha, wa”                          は

sa                                           “sa”                                  さ

yo                                           “yo”                                 よ

u                                             “oo”                                  う

na                                           “na”                                 な

ra                                             “la”                                 ら

Practice these ten words for today!

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