President to obliterate IS

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President Trump appears to be following through on the promise that he vowed to obliterate IS.

Dr Rodger Shanahan, a research fellow at the Lowy Institute, questioned “what do you mean by defeat”. If defeat means that US along with other forces will be able to take control of the territory from IS, then it is possible. But “obliterating” IS would not be possible as he warned that the foreign fighters who are left could return home, while homegrown fighters with vital support networks would be left to regroup, go underground, or join forces with other militant or jihadi forces.

As, US had announced that it will be deploying an extra 200 troops to northern Syria, adding to an already 500+ troops, it seems like it is partnering with the Kurds in the Raqqa assault, it can also be seen as entering into an indirect alliance with Russia, as well as with the Syrian government.

Read the full article here.


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