Search for alien life on moon Europa

#NASA #Jupiter #Europa #space #moon #water #life

NASA announced that it will be sending a rover to the Jupiter’s moon Europa. The mission will take place in 2020s, and will take around 6-7 years to reach the destination. NASA aims to search life on the icy moon, since scientists believe that Europa holds liquid water beneath its icy crust and oceans on Europa are twice larger than on Earth.

The rover, named Europa Clipper, will determine if Europa is habitable by checking the necessary ingredients required to live: liquid water, chemical ingredients and energy sources sufficient to enable biology.

After reaching the surface of the moon, the rover is supposed to dig 10 centimeters into the surface, and look for possibility of life, and bring at least 10 samples back to the Earth for testing and record environmental factors suitable for the next rover.

Read the full article here.

I am so excited about the numerous missions to Mars, the Sun and now Europa. It just hows how much science is growing in our current world, and how people are so curious about things around us.

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