Trump proud of the “Jobs report”

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According to the labor department statistics, U.S. employers added 235,000 jobs in February, and the unemployment rate dipped by 0.1%. President Trump embraced these numbers even though he had called such numbers from the labor department “phony” during his Presidential campaign.

“Great news for American workers: economy added 235,000 new jobs, unemployment rate drops to 4.7% in first report for @POTUS Trump,” tweeted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

(Who write @POTUS with the President Name, it’s obviously understood)

Sean Spicer later said that after a conversation with the President he was asked to quote him very clearly: They may have been phony in the past but they are very real now.

While business and consumer confidence have risen since the presidential election, economists also say it’s too soon for Trump to be taking credit for jobs, since no new economic policies have been enacted.

Read the full article here.

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