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Here is just an introduction.

A guitar has six strings, with the thickest on the leftmost and thinnest on the right most.

If you read a Guitar TAB (Information/Illustration that shows how to play a particular piece on a Guitar):

  • Strings marked by X are not to be played.
  • Strings marked by O are to be played. (These are open strings, i.e. play these even though no fingers are placed on it)
  • Fingers are numbered as: 1 – Index, 2 – Middle, 3 – Ring, 4 – Little

Steel Stringed Acoustic Guitar

  • The two thinnest strings are a single straight piece of metal wire.
  • The other four strings are a metal string wound up around a straight metal string.

Nylon Stringed Acoustic Guitar/Classical Guitar/Spanish Guitar

  • Strings are made of Nylon, and so are thicker, softer on fingertips, easier to press down and produce a softer/mellower sound than the Steel stringed acoustic guitar.
  • The neck of this guitar is wider than that of the Steel stringed acoustic guitar, which lets the played have more space to play the notes accurately. However, the player also need to cover the full length (which is a bit more than Steel stringed acoustic guitar) to play a full chord.

Electric Guitar

  • It is just 1 – 2 inches thick and made of solid wood.
  • The solid wood makes it more heavier than other guitars.
  • Since it doesn’t have a air body, it does not produce much sound on its own, and relies entirely on Electronic (Amplified) sound.
  • The strings are same as that of the Steel stringed acoustic guitar, however all the six tuning knobs are usually on one side rather than three on each side, like that in an Acoustic Guitar.
  • Strings are a lot easier to press down than the Steel stringed acoustic guitar.

How to Play

Both the Acoustic Guitar and the Electric Guitar can be played while sitting or standing.


  • Have a nice steady chair with a straight back so that you can keep your back straight while playing.
  • Support the weight of the guitar using your right leg and your left hand.
  • Play the guitar using your right hand and use the left hand to press the chords.
  • Even though you will be tempted to crane over so as to look at the chords you are playing, try to refrain from such a habit.
  • Try to relax your shoulders and neck.
  • For Acoustic Guitar, keep it at a slight angle towards the right.
  • For Electric Guitar, have a strap around your neck and support using shoulders, so that the guitar doesn’t slip while you are playing. Keep the angle horizontal.


  • You need a strap to play the guitar while standing.
  • Try to adjust the strap such that it sits at the center of the body and is angled down slightly towards the right.
  • If the strap is adjusted too high, it will tense your shoulders and might cause pain after a while.
  • If the strap is adjusted too low, it will let you bend down, or might not produce the expected tune.
  • Try not to tense/stiffen your shoulders while playing. Adjust till you are in a comfortable position.

Well that is all for today. More instructions on the way later!

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