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Learned quite a lot of words today!

English Word                Pronunciation                Japanese (Hiragana)

I’m sorry                              “go-men-na-sa-i”    ごめんなさい

See you later                        “ma-ta-ne”        またね

good night                             “o-ya-su-mi”      おやすみ

good morning                      “o-ha-yoo”        おはよう

Please                                      “ku-da-sa-i”       ください

Cheers!                                    “ka-m-pa-i!”      乾杯!  OR  かんぱい!

Let’s go!                                   “i-koo!”         行こう! OR いこう!

ku                                               “kuu”          く

da                                                “daa”          だ

ka                                               “kaa”          か

pa                                               “paa”          ぱ

Practice these eleven words for today!

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