UK Cruise ship damages Indonesian coral reef

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A British-owned cruise ship smashed a part of the Indonesian coral reefs, causing extensive damage to one of the world’s most biodiverse marine habitats. The restoration cost of the damage is believed to be as high as $16.2 million, according to a marine researcher.

Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia has long been a top attraction for intrepid travelers and avid divers, home to palm-fringed islands surrounded by an underwater kaleidoscope of coral and fish.

Unfortunately, the 4,200 ton Caledonian Sky slammed into the reefs at low tide. It was carrying 102 passengers and 79 crew members at the time. The ship went into an area that it should not have entered due to the unique coral reefs.

In fact, local search and rescue officials said that they went to help the ship and wanted the passengers to evacuate immediately. But one of the passengers and the captain of the ship asked for a tug boat so that the ship could be pulled out of the area, which in turn caused even more damage to the reef. (Really people?!)

The Indonesian government said it was assessing the impact and would seek compensation from the operator.

Read the full article here.

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