Are the new Snapchat like features on app worth it?

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Ever since Snap turned down its $3-billion offer from Facebook, Facebook has opted for the next best thing to owning the parent company of the buzzy chat app: it’s been cloning Snapchat’s features.

However, there has been quite a lot of backlash from consumers that use WhatsApp and Messenger everyday.

WhatsApp recently launched the new ‘status’ feature that encouraged people to share images, GIFs and videos with drawings and emojis that disappeared after 24 hours. A feature very similar to Snapchat or Instagram Stories. People have argued that Snapchat and Instagram, being visual-based platform, can make the complete use of such a feature that remains for 24 hours and can be viewed by other people. However, copying such a feature on WhatsApp, a text-based application, is worthless and is only cluttering the app.

I personally like the text-based status on WhatsApp as it suits the needs of people using the application. People believe that WhatsApp should focus on improving and enhancing communication features rather than cloning what other applications have to offer.

WhatsApp announced that they will be integrating the text-based status feature again into the About section in profile settings, due to the recommendation of users.

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