India’s healthcare need to improve ethics, not policies

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The Indian healthcare is not even near the halfway mark to where it is needed to be. The aim was to raise public health expenditure to 2.5 percent of the GDP gradually, by now but according to Minister of Health, JP Nadda, now this goal would happen by 2025.

The policy promises a system which sets and ensures standards in both government and private healthcare arrangements. National Healthcare Standards Organization (NHSO) – set standards would be the measure against which the patient can complain and an empowered tribunal will deal with grievances.

It is a common practice for in-patients to be visited by “other specialists” and be charged extra for that. Many doctors recommend a surgery for patients even though the patient doesn’t require such a surgery, only to get hands on more money. These relate to ethics. To honesty. And it does not need a new health policy to attend to.

Read the full article here.


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