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Learned quite a lot of words today!

Sorry for not writing much words these days, have to prepare for exam. Should be back to ten words within a week though! 😀

English WordPronunciationJapanese (Hiragana)

Ms. Riho (Girl’s name)  — “ri-ho san” — 里保さん

Mr. Sho (Boy’s name) — “shoo-san” — 翔さん

Genius — “ten-sa-i” – 天才 OR てんさい

Mr. Suzuki is a genius!; Mr. Suzuki, you’re a genius!  — “Su-zu-ki san wa ten-sa-i de-su!” – 鈴木さんは天才です! OR すずきさんはてんさいです!

Practice these four words for today!

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