Indian Supreme court to try to go digital

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In the coming six to seven months, the Supreme Court of India is planning to go almost paperless. Chief Justice of India J S Khehar said that We will electronically pick up records from trial courts and high courts. There will be no need for appellants to file those records. The appeal just has to state the grounds on which the petitioner is challenging a judgement in the SC.

Using some basic mathematics and accountability, it was noted that on an average as many as 70,000 appeals are filed in the SC every year. Each appeal runs around 100 pages. Due to the larger stake and kind of law firm engaged, the petitions get even more bulkier, eventually reaching the size of 200 pages. However, if we take 100 pages as the mean, then the total number of pages used are 70,00,000 (70 lacs). Each page is a bit bigger than the normal A4 sized paper.

Hence, if the SC is able to put most of the papers and records digital, then it can mean saving around 70 lac pages every year. Just imagine the number of trees that can be saved by such a step!

Read the full article here.

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