Maharashtra MP tried to push an employee off the aircraft

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Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad hit an Air Indian employee R. Sukumar (age 62) with his shoes. Not only this, he later boasted in an interview that he had hit the employee 25 times with his slipper. (How big of a loser can you be, Cmmon dude, I am sure no one will be able to understand what is wrong with this guy)

Gaikwad traveled in the Air India flight from Pune-Delhi (AI 852) on Thursday, and stayed in the aircraft for another 40-50even after all the passengers had vacated the plane, causing delays to the next trip of the flight. Gaikwad was sitting in the plane because he wanted to see the senior management as his request of getting a business-class seat on the all-economy flight wasn’t fulfilled. (Yes that is correct, I told you, no one will understand this guy)

Gaikwad got into an argument with Mr. Sukumar, who wasn’t able to call the senior staff. After Mr. Sukumar confronted him about that and told him to vacate the plane or else his higher-ups will be complained about the incident, Gaikwad ‘took out his slippers and started hitting‘. He even broke Mr. Sukumar’s glasses, abused him verbally and tore his sweater. (Yes, that’s what an Indian Politician is supposed to be like, isn’t it?)

Read the full article here.

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