Cancel policies aimed at Paris climate pledge… increase jobs slightly

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Trump will be signing an executive order on Tuesday that will dismantle some rules and directives to combat climate change, the rules and directives were designed by President Obama and his office when he made climate change the centerpiece issue of his second term. US will also be abandoning its pledge to pay $3 billion into the UN to help countries battle climate change. The news was cheered by many conservatives who have been supporting Trump to further strip climate regulations from the rule-books.

These changes include tossing the Clean Power Plan that forces the states to cut greenhouse gas emissions from electricity, and requirements for hydraulic fracturing on federal land, limit of methane emissions from oil and gas wells, and other carbon-cutting rules.

Trump’s desire is to advance US economy and domestic production of energy from fossil fuels, nuclear and renewable sources. According to Trump, removing laws and prohibitions from fossil fuels and mining industry will help to bring back a major percent of jobs back to the people.

The President of the US Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Donohue, said that Trump’s action was delivering necessary “regulatory relief” which will allow the US to take advantage of its abundant of resources.

Read the full article here.

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