Five astronauts assigned to future missions by NASA

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NASA is back again!

This time, NASA has assigned five astronauts for upcoming missions abroad the International Space Station (ISS).

Joe Acaba, Ricky Arnold, Nick Hague, Serena Aunon-Chancellor and Shannon Walker, are the five astronauts who have begun training and will have missions by the end of this year and throughout 2018. Each of the astronauts is to undergo a busy schedule of traning on space station systems and the experiments related to their assignments.

Joe Acaba will be the first to be launched in the Expedition 53 and 54 crews. Walker will be training as a dedicated backup for Acaba.

First time fliers, Nick Hague and Serena Aunon-Chancellor will fall into the standard rotation for NASA astronauts.

Read the full article here.Read the full article here.

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