Colombia Landslide

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Heavy rainfall on Friday night, about 130 mm which was about 30% of monthly rainfall in one night,  led to a sudden rise in rivers and caused a mudslide in the town of Mocoa, a town of 40,000 in Colombia’s Amazon basin.

The mudslide is said to have swept away homes, bridges, vehicles and trees. The Colombian Red Cross has put the number of confirmed deaths at 200, and it is still unclear how many people are missing. Atleast 203 people were injured, some 300 families were affected and 25 homes destroyed.

Marta Ceballos, a 44-year old street vendor, said that The only things I fortunately did not lose were my husband, my daughters and my nephews.

A senior United Nations official had said that Climate Change played a big role in the cause of these floods and landslides that had hit the Pacific rim of South America severely in the recent months.

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Please pray for the deceased, and wish people are able to recover their loved ones who are missing.