Russian metro train bombing

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A metro train carriage was bombed in St. Petersburg on Monday, killing 11 people and injuring 45. There have been no proclamations as of yet, but the Russian law enforcement are suspecting a suicide bomber with ties to radical Islamist.

President Vladimir Putin visited the scene of the explosion on Monday night and laid red flowers.

Russian media broadcasted that a bearded man was being sought by the police for questioning, however he was cleared after the individual stepped forward and inquired. The human remains examined by the police said that the blast was carried out by a suicide bomber.

Many people in the Russian society see the metro bombing as proof that Russia should not have intervened in Syria to fight the ISIS, which is the reason such attacks are back to the country.

Two years ago, the Islmaic State group said it brought down a plane carrying Russian touriests home from a Red Sea resort. All 224 people on board the flight were killed.

Read the full article here.

Please pray for the deceased, and wish speedy recovery for the injured.

I do not even understand what are these terrorists even fighting for. Earlier they said it was for religion, but no religion would ask another human to forcibly convert to that religion. So what is this for? What is this exactly? Trying to cling on the hope of taking control over the world by terrorism.

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