Well… kind of a poem

#poem #you #crush #like #me #love

It’s so hard, the beating of my heart,

That when I look at you, it makes me sad;

I wonder if I will reach you, with this work,

Or am I just fooling myself, dreaming about being with you.

You know it’s strange, how much I think,

Think about the work, what I can do, and about you;

It makes me smile, cry, shriek, curl up, dry,

But when I look at you, it makes me fly.

I see your eyes, filled with happiness,

Is it the hard work shining, or is it just teasing;

I will reach you, I tell that to myself,

Because I want to own that smile, and kiss those lips forever.

But life is weird, every single day,

Sometimes I breathe, other times I shake;

Full of surprises, life is,

And surely one surprise, will be you one day.

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